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Our goal is to offer investors a secure, scalable, and low-risk investment, extending opportunities in real estate—typically exclusive to the affluent—to everyday individuals, enabling them to build generational wealth. We guarantee a smooth, enjoyable wealth-building experience, emphasizing a passive approach.

Our Managing Partners

Taqwon Griffin

Managing Partner

Our Core Values


We give routine updates to our partners, informing them every step of the way on how their investment is performing.


Our company's core is a foundation built on robust moral principles. We consistently carry out our business with the utmost professionalism, placing the interests of our investors and partners at the forefront. Throughout every step of the process, we remain steadfastly committed to authenticity and honesty.

Investors & Partner Relations

Our emphasis extends beyond acquiring assets for profit; we are dedicated to cultivating meaningful relationships with our investors and partners. Fostering a familial connection, we envision growing together over the years, prioritizing long-term collaboration over a singular transaction.


Through our meticulous strategic process and thorough research, we pledge to deliver outstanding service and meticulously execute the established plan. Our goal is to offer a genuinely passive experience, allowing your wealth to flourish while you devote time to the people and pursuits you cherish.

Our Advisory Board

Tyler Deveraux


Tyler has been investing in real estate for over 14 years. Today, Tyler controls over 2,500 apartment units throughout five states, nearing $300MM. He sponsors and is a managing operator in new opportunities brought to market.

Todd Millar


With 15 years of Real Estate experience, Todd is a Co-Founder and COO of Multifamily Mindset. This company provides essential education and support for entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to acquire their properties. Todd is a partner in over 2,000 apartment units with over $200 million in assets under management.

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